Saturday, December 27, 2014

Two Turtle Doves

The second day of Christmas for us consisted of a trip downtown to City Creek for lunch and shopping. Out of the twelve attendees of our shopping trip, we managed to purchase two dolls, a set of earrings, and a shot glass.  Apparently, we are not the die hard shoppers we all thought we were. 

After shopping, we headed over to see the lights at Temple Square.  We stayed long enough to snap a picture or two and see the nativity, and then we were all freezing cold, so we called it a night.

These two turtle doves are birds of a feather for sure. They sat at lunch together, chatting non-stop like the closest of friends.  I love them.

Comparing notes on their Ever After doll purchases, and trying to explain Ever After to Grandma Sally.

Alisa and Erwann popped in on us for a second before heading over to the Jazz game.  I don't know if I will ever get used to the idea that my daughter is an NBA basketball fan now.

These guys can qualify as my three french hens for tomorrow.  Such good sports.

No trip to see the lights would be complete without a stop at Starbucks, right?  Waited at least thirty minutes for some hot chocolate and a few coffees.  Olivia was not impressed with the hot chocolate.  It was very dark and rich, but not too child friendly. Carla was happy to find a Starbucks in Salt Lake.  Audrey was just happy to be along for the ride.

And I managed one shot of the group at Temple Square before we surrendered to the cold and took cover in our cars.

A lovely night with lovely people.

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