Monday, December 29, 2014

Three French Hens

On the third day of Christmas, we said a tearful goodbye to our two Frenchies, who are on their way back home to the sunshine.

Before that, we compared eye color at Einstein Bagels and debated what constitutes a rotten customer.

 In true Metcalf fashion, we took about twenty minutes to say goodbye, and everybody had to hug at least twice.

I keep thinking it will get easier to say good bye, but it seems to only get harder each time.  Much better having them in Southern California than Northern France though.

Later in the day, we had dinner at Grandmas and finished off the remnants of Christmas dinner. We traded Rebecca for Audrey for the night,  and now I have two excited and bubbly little girls doing their best not to sleep.  Pretty sure the same thing is going on at Grandma's with the other three.  I still don't know how my girls got so lucky with cousins.

Dan has to go back to work tomorrow and I have to work Tuesday, but we are not going to let that dampen the  holiday spirit around here. We have nine more days to go, and way more stuff planned!

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