Monday, December 29, 2014

On the Fourth Day of Christmas....

---we woke up (around ten for me- I finally dug the sleepover crew out about 11:30) to about eight more inches of snow!   Poor Dan left for work at seven this morning, and spent 90 minutes crawling through snow packed roads.  And at our house we had to shovel.  It really looks like winter now. We might even have to do some kind of sledding party for New Years Eve.

After digging out of the snow a bit, we packed up the crew and hit the town for lunch at Noodles.

They were all happy to be there, I promise.

After lunch, we headed to the movies.

Some of us went to Unbroken, some of to The Hobbit and the rest of us went to Annie.  Imagine our delight when we ran into cousin Jenny and her brood! They were seeing Annie too, and we wound up sitting on the same row.  Too bad that those things happen by coincidence instead of us actually thinking ahead, and planning to meet up with them while we are in their neighborhood. Oh well, it was still fun to see them, and to finally meet sweet baby Tate.

Oh, and lets not forget that there was some serious pore cleaning going on today as well. Nothing says quality time with your cousins quite like treating your blackheads together.

And now we are back home, sans Olivia who is staying at Grandma's tonight.  We have a few things planned for tomorrow, then this crew flies out early Wednesday morning.  And we will be on to the NEXT stage of our holiday. Whew, I'm getting all holidayed out.

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