Saturday, December 13, 2014

Thanksgiving in Newport, Year Two

So, this is what happens when you sleep for two solid days: You wake up around four in the afternoon of the second day, and when bedtime rolls around several hours later, you are wide awake, and at two in the morning you are still wide awake and suddenly fascinated with figuring out how to get pictures on to your new computer.  I had my wisdom teeth out Thursday morning, and the doctor knocked me all the way out.  I have pretty much been sleeping ever since.  Slept all day Thursday, all night Thursday, and most of today.  So now, here we are, sitting up staring at the computer and drinking warm chocolate.  Not even the percocet have me knocked out tonight.

Which means that it is a perfect time to finally get around to posting a few of our pictures from Thanksgiving.  Especially since Christmas is rapidly descending upon us, and soon Thanksgiving will be nothing but a warm and distant memory.

So here we are Thanksgiving morning.  85 degrees by eleven and a.m. and the turkey is in the oven.  That is Erwann under that towel there.

Seriously, there is nowhere better to be on Thanksgiving than hanging out poolside. And I seriously love this picture of these two.

Thankgiving afternoon, we were back in the kitchen, hard at work.  We nearly burned down Alisa's apartment when we tried to baste the turkey and then the oven started smoking and wouldn't stop. We were all getting smoke inhalation so we had to open the door and turn on all the fans, and the green bean casserole only got half cooked.
Fortunately though, the turkey was perfect.

Relegated to the kids table.

Relegated to the grown ups table.

After dinner, we had pie. And pie. And yet more pie. We are Paulson's after all.  Then we laid around with the cats and watched Elf. And drew names for Christmas.

The next day we went whale watching, which was really dolphin watching, which made it no less spectacular.
It might look like that dolphin is in the water, but really he is in the air.

We saw a LOT of dophins.

And had a snack on the whale boat.

And on the way in we saw these guys, just sunning on the buoy.  I forget what they are. Sea lions maybe?

 Here we are on the pier.  It was all decked out for Christmas

The next day was Beach Day!

And all too soon it was Sunday and it was our last day there. And it was raining. So we drove to Long Beach and took a tour of the USS Iowa.  It's a battleship that fought in WWII and the Korean War.
It was a good way to kill a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Bright and early the nex morning, we kissed Alisa and Erwann goodbye and headed for home. We stopped at the outlet mall in Primm, Nevada, which just about did Will in. We watched Christmas movies all the way home, which just about did ME in. By the time we got home late Monday night, we were all ready to be home.  And by Tuesday night, we were already planning our next trip out there.

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