Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Five Gold Heads

These five, plus the cute guy in the back, had the best time together over the past few days.  We had to kiss them all goodbye tonight.  Now we are counting down for the next time we can get together.

The alleged adults in this family went to dinner for a last hurrah tonight. June and Carole came too. The girls stayed home at Grandma's and had their own private party of In-n-Out, junk food, and movies.

Then we came home and tortured everyone into taking a bunch of group pictures.

Lisa and I keep telling them one day they will be glad we took these.  In reality, it will probably be our kids that are glad to have them.  We are a rather handsome bunch though, I must  say.  Mark and his crew are flying out early in the morning.  We will have to come up with some New Year's Eve plans without them.  At the rate we are going, we may just crash early.

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