Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Beautiful Mundane

Painful as it is to admit, middle age is fully upon me. The signs have been blatantly obvious over the past few days.  For example, just today, I got bifocals.  I bought Grape Nuts. I googled Weight Watchers. And I caved in and bought a fake Christmas tree.  I am now a bifocal wearing, Grape Nuts eating, weight watching owner of a fake Christmas tree. 

Also today, I finally got around to washing the sand out of the blanket we took to the beach last week on our second annual epic Thanksgiving vacation.  Details and pictures to  come, if I ever get around to downloading pictures.  I really hate downloading pictures.  Then I washed swimsuits and towels.  Cleaned out the fridge. Thought about cleaning bathrooms.  Went to Sam's and to the car wash instead.  Considered important things,  like new TV's and fireplaces.  Made spaghetti for dinner. 

And then, I went with some of my neighbor friends to see a play that another neighbor friend is in.  I think that going to see plays might be another sign of middle age.  The fact that it was totally fun is probably telling as well.  It was a radio play version of It's A Wonderful Life. I have a very talented neighbor.

Tomorrow, Will is driving to school for the first time ever.  Olivia has a Christmas party at church.  In the evening, there will be a new Christmas tree to decorate and some shopping to do, if  I have any money left after paying for bifocals and Grape Nuts.  Life is pricey predictable, and somewhat monotonous.   And good. Life is good.

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