Monday, September 15, 2014

Visiting Home

Sometimes my brain switches on at midnight, and there is nothing I can do to turn it off, except get up and eat and type for a while.

Today I dropped a washing machine on my toe.  Miraculously, I still have all my toenails.  But it does hurt like the dickens. And I need a new pedicure.

Yesterday we packed up and headed up to Logan to put in our time on the house up there. Pulled weeds, fertilized, planted some new bushes and said some prayers and incantations for a long life for them.  Waved to a bunch of old neighbors, got ice cream and ate at Angie's (did not attempt to clean the sink) then played in a hotel swimming pool for the rest of the night.   Dan was working a football game for USU, which gave us a good excuse for a working vacation for all of us.  We weren't even gone 24 hours, but it is amazing how nice it feels to get away from the stresses of the house and daily life for even a few hours.

It is also amazing to me how much Logan still feels like home, and yet how small and run down it all seems now. One part of me is ready to move back in tomorrow and resume the life we left.  The other part, maybe even a bigger part, wonders how we ever fit all our stuff into that little house, and what has happened to the neighborhood.  It all seems so old, and small.  That part also thinks about how much we would miss the little spot we have made for ourselves here on the edge.  Life can be so contradictory at times. It is funny to think that Olivia barely remembers living there. She did not remember Aggie Ice Cream.  We LIVED at Aggie Ice Cream, since it was right across the street from where Dan worked. To me, that all seems like yesterday, but to her it is a different life. Her life is here, and for the most part, it is for all of us now.

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