Monday, September 15, 2014

Warm California Sun

Seriously, I think this was the first real vacation I have ever had in my life. Sure, most vacations are fantastic.  Most are also exhausting,  crammed with a million places that everybody wants to go, and too many things to do, and laundry, and making sure kids don't drown or get sunburned and everybody  is fed and there is gas in the car and blah blah blah.  This vacation, was a VACATION. We slept in.  Watched too much TV.  Laid on the beach. Ate a lot. Like  A LOT.  Went to the pool. There was one day we managed to make it out the door for the traditional mother daughter pedicure.  Best vacation ever. I came  home rested and relaxed instead of feeling like I needed another vacation. I also came back ready to go back.  I am already in desperate need of  a little more beach?Alisa time.  I am counting the days til Thanksgiving.

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