Monday, September 15, 2014

Mother of Boys

Even when one of them is celebrating his 25th birthday, you cannot get these boys out of the potty joke mode.  Here is Mitch at dinner with the family for his birthday.  You will notice he is sitting next to Will.  Will made a joke, and gave Mitch what I think must be the best laugh he has had in a lifetime.

 Those two could not pull it together for several minutes.  I won't repeat the joke It was one of those you had to be there moments.  Also, I'm pretty sure Mitch and Will will remember this moment for a good long time.  Brothers., Gotta love em.   It was a pretty great moment during a really fun night.  We missed Alisa and Erwann though.
Grandma and Grandpa came along, of course.  We stopped at Costco and bought the biggest birthday cake I have ever seen.  I think it weighed at least 20 pounds. Grandpa had to carry it, it was that heavy.

A day or so later, Mitch got his REAL birthday cake, made with love especially for him:

If you can't tell, that is a CAMO cake.  Which honestly, was way more impressive to me than to Mitch.  But come on, a camo cake?  That is pretty awesome, even if you are all grown up.  He will never be too old for me to make him a birthday cake.

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