Sunday, July 6, 2014

More Fourth and the Fifth

After we got home from fireworks on the fourth we completed the evening with our own little display. It was midnight by the time we were lighting it up. I am sure our neighbors loved it. It was short and sweet though, and I haven't gotten any complaints yet. The burned up fireworks are still sitting in our driveway though. I might start to complain about that.

Then on the fifth we had a picture perfect backyard barbecue, which was a good thing, since the power was out a good part of the afternoon.

We girls also hit up the library and the snow cone shack, while the boys went to Fantasycon and a movie.

Now it is the sixth of July and in spite of the air conditioning pounding away, we are sitting around sweating, likely to death.

July, please, slow down.  The heat I can take.  The speed of the days, not so much

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