Friday, July 18, 2014

Mo Summa

July 18? Seriously? Seriously, where is July going?  All the fun things we had planned for this month are almost over. How about this, lets have two July's.  I will gladly give up February if I can have more July.

A little catching up.  July 10, Will left for the long awaited Pioneer Trek, or more endearingly known around here as Mormon LARP.  Google LARP if you need to.

Not to be too snarky.  He had a great time and a great experience. Didn't even get too sunburned or too blistered.  Got some experience being in charge, since his role was that of a "pa" to nine children.  He got home late Saturday, July 12, just in time to miss the big Kelly family reunion which took place in Lehi that day. Meat pies were served and fun was had by all. Dan and Olivia stayed down in Lehi for a few days to enjoy the cousins a little more, and they got home Sunday afternoon.

July 13 was a lay around and be hot day.  July 14, 15 and 16 were crazy long work days, packing Audrey for girl's camp dasy, which always involves at least three expensive Walmart runs, driving  back and forth from Ogden to help Mitch with his broken down car days, and trying to find time to sleep days.  Audrey left for camp on the 16th, Tim and Alice came to stay with us yesterday, and we got a new fridge yesterday AND I watched my neighbor's three kids all day.  The Tim and Alice clan left early this morning for home.  And today was Olivia's last day of swimming lessons.

 Now it's Friday again, and now I know why July is going so fast.  Whew. I am out of breath just thinking about all of that.

At the reunion, there was a photographer there snapping pictures. Here are a few I like, although a few vital people are missing from our family shots.

 So, to sum it all  up.....

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