Friday, July 25, 2014

July 24th

Our July 24th this year was almost ruined.  We went to the Bountiful parade the night before, and honestly, that was kind of a bust.  We sat amidst this huge family, which would have been fine except for one seriously annoying woman who would not sit still.  She kept jumping up and running around and handing things out to the four hundred children they had with them.  All of that even would have been okay, except that she would not stop yapping.  She mostly complained how she had just run out of time to make it to the parade in time, and that she was the reason they had not been able to get enough space for their family. She was so worried about the fact that her family was all spread out and not able to sit all together, and I felt like she was shooting daggers at me, like she wanted us to get up and move.   I had been there the night before, laying our our blanket, and when I put my blanket down, there was nothing else around me.  So if her huge family had come late, it was their fault for trying to crowd in on us. Not to mention that the spot her zoo was sitting on was IHC property, and was supposed to be reserved for IHC employees.  Of course by the time the parade starts, it's a free for all,and everybody is everywhere, but having her complain all night long was not pleasant.

Any how, by the time we were done, I was kind of paraded out, so the next morning we slept in and were lazy, and we missed the big Salt Lake Parade, which is what we had planned on doing.  Then I felt like a bum for a while, we laid around some more, called out to Cedar Fort, and found out there was not much going on out there. Dan had to work, so it was just me and the kids and finally we headed out to see what kind of adventure we could drum up.

We stopped at the park in Bountiful and watched a wild shootout.  We stood in line for snow cones and cotton candy, and made a pioneer doll named Matilda, after our very own pioneer ancestor.

Then we headed out to Woody's for lunch.  Woody's is around the corner from my mom and dad's house and was the local hangout for me and my friends, back in the day when all our quarters got pumped into the Pacman and Donkey Kong machines. Now they have a jukebox, so we pumped some quarters in there and listened to the Beatles, Beach Boys, and Elton John.

Attempted some selfies...

and finished off the day by going to see Spiderman II at the dollar movies.  Only it was too scary for Olivia, so half way through she and I snuck out of that movie and into the Heaven is for Real movie

Next year, I am vowing that we are going to go downtown and camp out with all the other crazy parade goers.  We are going to get us a spot in the shade, pitch our tent and stay up all night.  Then, after the parade, we will come home, take a long nap and get up just in time for fireworks. 

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