Thursday, February 21, 2013

Student of the Month

Look who is the student of the month!

We got jelly bellies to celebrate.  That's what she is holding in her other hand.  Don't worry- I am avoiding the chocolate flavored ones LIKE THE PLAGUE.  I did have a coffee flavored one however, that was positively heavenly.  So much for giving up the sweets.

This is what her teacher said about why she was chosen as Student of the Month:

"Olivia Metcalf was chosen because she always talks nice her classmates and doesn't say anything mean."

Hmh.  Well, I'm glad that she puts her best foot forward at school.  Because let's face it, when you are the littlest sister at home, sometimes you have to say mean things, especially to your big brother whose main hobby in life is antagonizing you.

Actually though, Olivia has changed a lot this year.  There really is a huge change that takes place in a kid's head between seven and eight.  She has a conscience now.  She can empathize. She can put others ahead of herself.  She can have an honest-to goodness abstract conversation.  It has been a joy to watch her mind expand this year. She is as sweet as she can be, happy and helpful all the day long. A complete turn around from the devil child I wrote about in 2008.  I would link to that post here, but dagnabit, I'm just too lazy.

Anyhow, I really love that kid.

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