Monday, February 11, 2013

Bits and Pieces

Mitch is taking philosophy this semester. Can you tell?

For our anniversary, we took the older kids and went to Sundance.  The movie was an absolute bust, but it was still fun to be there, and see all the sights. Alisa saw somebody famous, but I forget his name.  He was Robin in the last Batman movie.  Walked right past her in the lobby of the Marriott and then she got all twitterpated and started texting all her friends.

And a couple Saturdays ago, we checked out Scheels, the new sporting goods store here.  Olivia was most impressed with all the stuffed animals around the place.  So were Duncan and Will.

You can't beat a store that has an indoor Ferris wheel, a bowling alley, talking presidents, a shooting range (sorta) and all kinds of photo ops.  No, I take that back.  I think Ikea still has them beat, because Ikea sells those meatballs. Still, we had a fun,cheap family Saturday.

Dan had a job interview last week.  He was one of 70 candidates.  Not holding our breath on that one.

 Erwann left for France on Saturday night.  Now Alisa is counting down the days until she can join him there for the summer.  We will for sure miss him. 

Guess I'm going to give up chocolate for Lent.  Alisa had to go and remind me about that.  That's okay though, because it doesn't start til the 13th.  Two days to binge!

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