Monday, February 18, 2013

Ordinary Day

This is what February 12 looked like at our house.

It was an ordinary day.

 The view from our porch.  Not a bad day for a February.

Olivia gave me this most awesome calendar for Christmas this year.  Each month has its own picture, and she filled in all the numbers by herself.  It is quite a work of art.

We had Oreos.  It was Fat Tuesday, in preparation for Lent, which Alisa and I are observing by  not eating any chocolate until Easter. It's been six days now, and so far, so good.

There was a bunny and a church bag  full of Primary teaching supplies left on the couch on February 12.

Olivia played by herself in her room this day.   When I opened the door to take her picture, she politely asked me to leave her alone.  Tween-ness just around the corner? I hope not.
There was something fascinating on the computer on this day.  This is a very ordinary scene around our house these days.

Second grade homework while wearing her wolf hat.
Will preferred a comfy chair and no wolf hat for his homework doing.
And there was poor old Maggie in her usual spot, with her usual expression.  Why she likes to lay on the hard old tile I will never know.  Maybe she gets too hot.
Belle was not feeling too hot this day.  She was also in her usual spot, begging to be let in.
I believe Audrey was at a friend's house, and Dan was.... I don't know. Somewhere else.  Somebody sent me a video that day about the gift of an ordinary day.  It was very touching and mentioned how there are albums in everyone's homes that are filled with pictures of birthdays and Christmases, graduations, vacations and milestones, but very few pictures of just the ordinary days.  And one day, it will be the ordinary days we will miss the most.  So I documented one of our ordinary days.  I am getting quite sentimental in my old age, and am coming to recognize the value of every day you get that is just ordinary.  Maybe because we are having more and more days of late that do not feel ordinary, and I hope one day soon to be back to more ordinary days than not.

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