Thursday, February 28, 2013

Count Downs

It has now been fifteen days without chocolate, and  I'm proud to say that we, Alisa and I, are standing firm in our lent commitment.   But I tell you what, 46 days is a very long time.  Especially on day fifteen.  But now  that March is tomorrow (!!!),  I am telling myself the countdown will get easier.  Hey, only 31 days to go!  I think Alisa has it harder than me though. She spends her days and nights serving up chocolate moltens  and chocolate shakes to people at work.  I only have to sit and stare at candy bars when I am at work.

On the subject of counting down to things, we have a whole slew of upcoming events to look forward to.  Audrey will be an official teenager in just 17 days. Spring is coming in 21 days. Then we have a college graduation (gasp), a baptism (double gasp) and a high school graduation ( hyperventilating and losing consciousness), all in rapid succession.  Somewhere in the middle of all that,  we also have two more birthdays and a daughter flying off to France for the summer.  And, with any luck, thrown into that mix sometime soon, there will be a brand new job for the guy who is supposed to be paying for all of that.  Well, not all of that.  Not the ticket to France.  That one he just has to sweat about.

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