Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday Morning

Oh lovely snowy Saturday morning! It is 10:56 AM and we are just getting around to making French toast.  I did not get out of bed until nearly ten, which is a major sleep-in for me, and better yet, I did not hear a peep out of  Olivia until well after ten.  Dan spent the night at a scout camp out with Will.  When I got up, Audrey was deep into a book, and Duncan was downstairs, sleeping or playing a game, I don't know which.

Gone are the days of me being rooted out of my nice warm bed seven days a week  by some wild rooster of a child who can't possibly wait one more instant, let alone until sunrise, for his breakfast.  I think I am supposed to miss those days, but honestly, I don't.  Not even a little bit. Not that part anyway.

Now, Alisa is on her way down in the snowstorm to spend the weekend with us.  Dan and Will are on their way home from the mountains in the same storm.  The cats are revolting at being left outside. The french toast mess in the kitchen is calling my name, while the laundry patiently awaits.  Oh, and the phone is ringing with friends inviting themselves to come and play.  But they can't come play until two certain girls get their rooms cleaned up.  Oh lovely Saturday.  Maybe I'll go back to bed.

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