Tuesday, February 19, 2013

On the Seventh Day

Today marks a personal best.

It's the seventh day of Lent.  Which means the seventh day without chocolate for me. First time I can remember going that long without chocolate. We are entering unchartered territory here folks.

Oddly, it hasn't been hard.  I get a nightly craving from about 8-10 pm every night.  The intensity of that craving seems to be related to how much other sweet stuff I have eaten that day.  Less sweets definitely equals less craving.  I might even be tempted to give up the refined sugar altogether for the next 41days. 

I might as well.  Due to our current life status, we have already given up television, our gym membership, our newspaper, and real butter.  What's a little sugar on top of that?  Maybe it will nicely balance out the lack of the gym membership in relation to my expanding waistline.  There has to be a silver lining somewhere, right?

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