Sunday, January 1, 2017

Deep Fried

2017 is off to a rollicking start.

New Year's Eve was a night at home, with homemade French fries, games, confetti and horns. It was plenty cold, and plenty loud what with our horns and the neighborhood fireworks.

New Year's Day was Duncan's mission release, the first week of church at 1 pm, then scones and new Sherlock episodes.

Friday was Duncan's last official day at the mill. That night, we took him out for dinner at Warren's

And with that, our holidays are pretty much a wrap. The presents are all opened, the treats mostly gone. The relatives are all back home. All that's left is de-crapping the house. I go back to work tomorrow, and everybody else goes back to the old grind on Tuesday. Except for Duncan of course, who gets a few days off, then must find a new grind.

Please, 2017, be kind to us.

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