Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Come and Gone

Christmas was pretty great this year, even if I didn't take very many pictures. We stuck close to home and its a good thing we did, since we got about six inches of snow late on Christmas eve and into Christmas morning. Waking up to a white Christmas is always magical, even when it's a Sunday and you have to be to church at 9 AM.

My mom and dad stayed over on Christmas eve with us. Audrey made a festive tuna casserole with a snowman carrot nose and eyes on it. This may become our Christmas eve tradition.  It was quite tasty, and she saved a bunch of tired, grumpy, stressed, hangry people from a Christmas eve meltdown.

After dinner, we played a silly game (see pictures) and watched Christmas Story, which Mom and Dad seemed to really enjoy. We hung stockings with care (actually they were laid out on the floor with care since our mantle is currently propped up against the wall) and reminisced about Christmas Eves past, then turned in for the night so Santa could come. Audrey was awakened in the night when there arose such a clatter. Thankfully, she did not spring from her bed to see what was the matter, because if she had, she would have caught a very tired and grumpy Santa who had tipped over a big old shelf in an attempt to navigate the disaster known as our storage room.

Christmas Day we all slept in til 7:30. The ONE YEAR we really needed to be up early (because of dumb church), is the year we all sleep soundly past 4 AM, including Duncan who is our traditional early Christmas morning riser. So we rushed through a few Santa presents before church, got dressed and ran off to church. Everybody got a little something new to wear to church, and Christmas miracle, Audrey actually liked the dress Santa picked out for her.  Wish somebody would have taken some pictures.
 Church was only an hour and it was a nice Christmas program that really touched Duncan.
After church we came home for brunch and got all set up to video chat with our missionary.

Best two hours of Christmas, right there.

After the call, we opened a few more presents then Grandma and Grandpa headed out into the snow so they could get home before dark.  Mitch and Ria came over for dinner and more presents. We had roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, and mince pie in honor of our English roots. The beef was heavenly, the Yorkshire pudding surprisingly tasty and the mince pie awful. Awful Awful Awful. Never again. Fortunately, we also had chocolate pie.

And here is a picture of my dad's 84th birthday, a week before Christmas.

I feel so blessed to have them both around still.

Yesterday, we had a little Christmas out at Cedar Fort. There was ham and sledding and presents.

 Olivia and Miranda all ready to head out on the sleds.
Grandma Linda and Grandpa Dan enjoying their antigravity chairs

Today, we are enjoying doing nothing. It is 5 pm and I am lying in bed in my Christmas jammies. Everybody needs one day a year of doing absolutely nothing, and after the craziness of the past week, this is as good of a day for that as any.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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