Thursday, January 1, 2015

Swans a Sinking

Wow, New Years Day. Spent the morning laying around watching Friday Night Lights.  Visited Em and Norrie in the afternoon, then heated up leftover pizza and egg rolls and watched more Friday Night Lights. A rip roaring start to 2015.

Tomorrow is going to be a taste of reality, with Dan and I both at work all day. I shouldn't complain, because I have had a bunch of time off this holiday, but I do not want to work tomorrow.  January 2 is the worst day of the whole year in the pharmacy world. We are always closed on New Year's Day, and anytime you are closed, it triples your work load for the next day. On top of that, with the new year comes new insurance plans and new deductibles, which means that everyone is screaming about why they are paying so much. The ones who are not screaming are clueless and have no idea who they are insured with. And to top it all off, it is flu season, and general crud season, so we are buried in walk in patients too.  I am going to need serious amounts of caffeine, and possibly Cafe Rio, to get me through.

As if all that were not enough (cue small violins), the house looks like it got hit by a garbage truck. Every single day for the past week, I have vowed to make somebody clean something up. And every day I have managed to come up with something better for all of us to do. And the next few days are no different.  We will just have to resign ourselves to living in squalor until sometime next week.

The dog is going stir crazy from lack of walks. It has been so cold, and we have been gone so much, she has not had her fair share of attention. The fridge is starting to stink. It is full of old leftovers, but not anything to eat.  Today we ran out of clean dishes. New Year's Eve remains still litter the kitchen table. The kids are up at midnight playing Uno and cooking something.  And we have three days to pull everything together enough for everybody to go back to school on Monday morning.  And, we still have five days of Christmas left. Heaven help us all.

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