Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Day of Epiphany

Today is the day of epiphany. Traditionally, the day the three wise men made it to the baby Jesus, and had an epiphany about who He really was, I guess. Or something like that.  I had no epiphanies today. I once heard about someone who named their child Epiffany. Can you imagine the jokes?

 Today is also  the day that traditionally all the Christmas decorations are supposed to come down.  Well, technically, most of  mine are down. They are laid out on the kitchen table, waiting to be packed away, but they are DOWN. The tree remains standing, and my Christmas clock is still on the wall.   But it's all about the baby steps.

Alisa got a new job today, at the restaurant near her home that she was hoping to work at.  Mitch also got offered a full time spot at his job, which means he will get all kinds of benefits.  So good news all around there.

Also, everyone remembered their lunches today. More baby steps.

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