Friday, January 9, 2015

Frenzied Productivity

Found out last night that  Olivia had a dr. appt at eight this morning, and then realized that Duncan had one at nine, at the SAME CLINIC. Hello karma.  I wish I could remember whether or not I actually planned ahead, and scheduled them that way, or if it was just a happy accident.

We found out at Olivia's appointment that she is highly allergic to dogs and grasses, and slightly less allergic to cats and horses.  So of course tomorrow we are hauling off all the animals and pouring cement in the yard. I wish.

After that, I dropped her off at school.  She solemnly swore to me she would stay off the grass.  I thought about trying to explain the whole allergen thing to her, then thought better, and told her yes, avoid the grass at all costs.  Then, when she was safely tucked away in the school, Duncan and I, in one fell swoop, mailed a long overdue package to Alisa, washed the car, groomed the dog, finished Will's birthday shopping, and went to Sam's, then to Walmart. He took me to lunch.  I am finding bonuses in having working children.  Then we went home, where with great assistance from Audrey, we put all the Christmas away, as promised, by Duncan's birthday, cleaned up the downstairs, went back to Sam's and Walmart for forgotten items, picked up the dog, picked up Will from school, fixed the vacuum, got homework done, cleaned the bathroom, made dinner  (with another trip to Sam's on Dan,s' part), hosted book club, then started at eleven this evening on baking the birthday cake Duncan requested- a chocolate job with a layer of vanilla ice cream in the middle, so that it looks like a giant oreo.  His idea, not mine.  He has had a bit of an obsession with Oreo cakes on his birthday for a couple of years now.  None of them have turned out very spectacularly, but we soldier on.  And Dan, predictably, is back at Walmart, buying last minute gifts. We like to live on the edge around here.  Roll with the punches. Fly by the seat of our pants. We function best under pressure.

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