Sunday, January 4, 2015

Drummers, Lords and Pipers

This is the part of the song where I can never keep track of what comes next. I googled it though, and turns out today is Lords a Leaping.  We had nothing close to lords a leaping today, other than we were on time for church,, which may indeed have caused the Lord to leap.

Today we played Uno, if you use the term played very loosely. It is Audrey's turn, and she gets up to let the dog out. It is Duncan's turn, and we wait while he pours some lemonade.  At Will's turn he is humming to himself and lost in his own world. Then Audrey and Olivia stop to have a mini slap fight.  Then Olivia gets up to let the dog in. Then we fight for a while about whose turn it is.  Somehow though, we still manage to have fun.

Then we made scones and watched Elf for the last time. Tomorrow we will start packing away the Christmas. If we all survive the whole back to school affair that is.

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