Friday, March 29, 2013

Run Cycle

This is the argument currently going on in my head every night and morning:

9:00 pm- Ugh, I promised myself I would get up and go running tomorrow.  I better get to bed so I can get up at five tomorrow.
10:00 pm- I really should think about getting to bed.
11:00 pm- maybe I just won't go tomorrow.  I'll set my alarm, but I don't know if I'll make it.
5:00 am- Alarm sounds. Slam down on the snooze button.  I am DEFINITELY NOT GOING. No sane person gets out of bed at 5 am.  What was I thinking?
5:05 am- Crap. Can't get back to sleep now.  Why did I set my stupid alarm? I am NOT getting out of bed.
5:10 am- I'm going to hate myself later  if  I don't go.
5:11 am- I just want to go back to sleep.   
5:12 am- Fine.  I will just get up and see how I feel.
5:15 am- No, I don't want to go.  I am not going to go.  Nobody can make me go.  It's cold out there. I'll just sit here and hold my head. 
5:17 am- It's 48 degrees outside this morning. Perfect weather for a little run.
5:18 am- Running isn't even that good for you.  I could hurt my knee.
5:20 am- I'm already up now.  I'll just go out and walk a little.  I don't HAVE to run.
5:22 am- Maybe I shouldn't go this morning.  I could get kidnapped out there all by myself.
5:23 am- Okay. The shoes are on. I'm going.
5:24 am- I can't go.  We're all out of bananas.

5:25 am- ooh, it's really nice out here.  Perfect temperature, and the moon is full.
5:30 am- Up and out now.  Might as well run a little. 
5:30-6:15 am- Alternating bouts of euphoria and despair, and lots of heavy breathing.
6:20 am- Back home.  That was GREAT! I can't wait to go again tomorrow!
All the rest of the day, until about 10 pm-   Yeah, me, I"m awesome.  I got up at five and went running. No big deal.  I do it all the time.

Seriously, these are the thoughts in my head every morning.  Why is it such a debate?  Every time I go, I am glad I went.   Why do I torture myself?  You would think at some point, I would just be able to GO, and stop arguing with myself so much. I will never learn.

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