Sunday, March 17, 2013

Thirteen Going On....

It's rough turning 13.

 It's so embarrassing.

Having your family sing to you.

Everyone staring at you.

They might even ask what you wished for.

And your mother always takes too many pictures.

My St. Patrick's Day baby went and turned into a teenager.   Here is a picture of her party on Saturday with her friends.  I requested that she keep it small.  So she invited "only" 12 girls.

Today, we had to get up early and be at church by nine.  So her birthday breakfast was a krispy kreme donut in the shape of a leprechaun with 13 candles crammed into it.

I hope she had a fun day.  It's hard to tell with a thirteen year old.  But she has brought so much joy and love into my life, I hope that her birthday gave her just a little piece of that happiness  back to her.

Love that girl. Always have, always will.  Like the song goes, I knew I loved her before I met her.  I hope we find our way through the next few years together, and come out still friends.

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