Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Nothing Much

I feel like I have nothing to say on here anymore.  Same old stuff going on.  Doctor appointments.  Eye appointments.  Choir concerts.  Birthday party planning. Job interviews. Work, work, and more work. On our days off we do laundry. It's an exciting life, it really is.  No news is good news I suppose.

Duncan and I drove to Midvale today for his six-month check in with his autism doctor.  I love that doctor.  She spent an hour and a half with us again today, just getting to know Duncan and filling us in on some things that will help him get qualified for SSI.  On the drive out there, Duncan asked me what my biggest fear was.  I told him spiders.  He said his biggest fear was Slender Man.  I am unfamiliar with Slender Man, but apparently, he is a video game character.   Duncan also said that he has big plans for after his mission:  Buy a Wii U.  Buy a PlayStation 4.  Get an apartment.  Oh, and a job. I said what about a wife.  Duncan said uhhhh.  I'm thinking that if Duncan finds a wife, she will have to be okay with coming in second to his video games.  But I do know some girls whose future husbands will come in second to their video games, so I guess it's possible. 

And also, spiders are not really my biggest fear.

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