Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Crazies


One of Olivia's most favorite days of the school year.

The crazy part comes when she tells me 10 minutes before I am walking out the door that it is crazy hair day at school, and then we scramble like mad to come up with something crazy that doesn't make her feel embarrassed.  It needs to be crazy but not too crazy.

Tomorrow, she has just informed me, is dress like your favorite sport day.  She wanted to wear her dance outfit.  We had a debate about whether or not dance is a sport.  Then she decided she would just wear her swim goggles.  Because she does love swimming, and it is more sporty than dance.

I'm just glad we got all that worked out the night before.  Even if it was at 10:30 and she was sitting at the kitchen table eating chips and drinking root beer.  We CANNOT get this child to go to bed anymore.  And that is driving me crazy.

Another thing driving me crazy is this stupid no chocolate thing.  Eighteen days left.  There were M&M's in my house tonight and I did not eat one. I turned down a symphony bar the other night too.  And chocolate cookies at work. And guess what?  Life without chocolate is no life at all.

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