Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Broke

Me and the kids saw a real live, honest to goodness Tibetan monk today, walking out of the bank.  He came complete with shaved head, sandals, and flowing orange robes.   I didn't know monks had money. And I didn't know any Tibetan monks lived in Utah.  The kids were all excited about seeing him, because they assumed he was  an Avatar.  Not being an Avatar fan myself, I am clueless as to the association, except that I remember seeing bald Asian guys in robes in the animated version of Avatar, which is on constantly at our house now, courtesy of Netflix.  I thought that when we switched from Dish to Netflix, that TV viewing around here would be reduced.  But no. Netflix just lets you become completely obsessive about your viewing habits. Now, instead of spending an hour or two watching their favorite shows, they can watch entire seasons, without even any commercial breaks!  It could take all day, or even longer. Oh, and my favorite part has got to be all those old Star Trek episodes that are on there. That's super awesome! Not.

Anyhow, seeing the monk has been the highlight of spring break so far.   The kids are out of school all week.  I had yesterday and today off, and was determined to spend those two days doing something fun with them. I had big plans yesterday to go hiking, until it rained all day. So we went to a movie instead.  Today, we went to Barnes and Noble, Old Navy, the D.I. and Sams., and came home with two new glasses, a Vote for Pedro shirt for Will, and some string cheese.  So much for a memorable spring break.

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