Saturday, September 17, 2016

Homecoming, Also Known as Unabashed Mom Bragfest

Back in my day, Homecoming was dinner and the dance, and maybe a VHS rental from the video store if we were really in the mood to live it up. These days, Homecoming is pretty much an all day affair, from a day date to after dance activities.  And Audrey's group did it all up right. 

They met in the morning and went on a picnic/ hike/ gondola ride at Snowbasin. Most of these boys are in our ward and Audrey knows them well. The girls are a more random lot, although Audrey knows and likes them all, so she was excited to be going with this gang.

Audrey has some pictures of the picnic, but these are all I have for now.

Then she came home long enough to get cleaned up, get her hair done, and get beautiful, which in Audrey's case, never takes too long. 

I can't believe we pulled it off. In our crazy, rushed state of mind over the past week, we managed to find a dress, shoes, accessories, make up, and squeeze her in for a hair style with our favorite stylist. And it all came together nicely if I do say so. 




Before dinner, they headed over to the park for some more formal pictures.

Aren't these kids all gorgeous? Where does Syracuse find them all? And I know I'm biased, but out of all these lovely people, aren't Audrey and Isaac seriously the most beautiful! They look like Ken and Barbie- all that tall blond charm they have going on.

I can't wait for her to get home and hear how the evening went. 

And while Audrey is out having all this glamorous fun, this is what the rest of us are doing:

watching Star Wars and fighting the animals off of our pizza.

As usual, Buck is not amused.

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