Sunday, September 18, 2016

Day of Rest

Today we all slept in until 11.

Around noon we got moving and made pancakes for breakfast (lunch)

At two, we left for stake conference at the Ogden tabernacle.

At six, we ate dinner. Alaskan halibut and sauteed squash, I don't know what variety. Oh, and peaches.

Then Audrey made brookies- half brownie half cookie- and we took some to my neighbor Karen who helped us alter the  homecoming dress. The rest of the brookies we are working on devouring.  I love having a baker in the house.

After dinner I gave Will and Duncan haircuts. Probably Will's last haircut before he gets it cut to leave for his mission.

Now we are watching Star Wars Episode III which is as corny a movie as you have ever seen. I voted for watching Sound of Music, in honor of Charmian Carr who passed away yesterday, but I lost.

I haven't yet been up for 12 hours, but I feel like if I put my head down on the pillow here on the couch, I would be out cold.

It was really nice to have a day of doing nothing.

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