Monday, September 12, 2016


So my mom went and turned 80 last month, and we had a big party with all her favorite people.

Mark and some of his crew flew into town for the big event, so we took advantage of the late summer loveliness, rented a cabin in Preston for a few nights, and took everybody on an excursion to Lava Hot Springs. 

We floated down the river on tubes then sat in the hot springs. We had a blast, especially Olivia, who surprised me with her enthusiasm for the river. If you know Olivia, you know that she tends to be cautious with anything new, especially if she senses any physical danger.   Now I would never describe this particular stretch of the Portneuf River as dangerous, but it is pretty exhilerating to climb into the cold, swift water and launch yourself into it's mercy on a little tube.  There are a few good dips and turns along the way, and  if you don't watch yourself, you can bump your tailbone pretty good.  So it's a good adventure. And Olivia loved it.  Couldn't get enough of it.  She was purely exhuberant over the whole experience, and kept exclaming that it was the best vacation of her life.  I was proud of her, she has been working hard on being braver and taking risks, and this one paid off big time. 

Two weeks later, my sweet mom is still gushing about what a great birthday she had, so I am calling it a success. She deserves all we did and more. Every day I am more grateful for my mommy, and all she taught me and put up with. And ditto to my dad. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have them both.

These are good days.

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