Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Olivia's Eleventh

We had a birthday in May.

Miss Olivia turned 11 on May 17 and had a rollicking mine craft party. She even hand crafted the invitations:

She came up with this beauty all by herself, even the part about bringing your own plastic spoon.

Party pictures will have to wait. They are on the other computer and I got hit by a truck, so I'm not going to go get them right now. But here are a few other shots from her day:

Birthday breakfast in bed complete with flowers, pancakes, card and new underwear.

Birthday bedtime, at 11:10 pm, the time of her birth. We stayed up extra late so she could celebrate the actual moment.

 Her favorite gift. Now we can't wait to get to Aunt Carole's pool to give it a try

And her favorite cat who really likes Grandpa

This is not a birthday shot, but she is so hard at work on painting part of the fairy garden that she got for her birthday.

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