Friday, June 10, 2016

Irregular Borders

Olivia got a new bike helmet. She likes it so much she wears it around the house. While watching television even.

She also got a mole removed this week. She was in for her regular check up and on the way out the door, I remembered that I wanted the doc to look at this weird mole. It was a cute little star-shaped mole, and I kind of liked it, but the odd shape of it make me a little nervous.

 Her doctor looked at it for about 5 seconds and announced that it needed to come off now. Like NOW. I asked if I should make an appointment with the derm doc across the lobby, but she said no, let's get it off now. Olivia was not a fan of this plan. Olivia was of the opinion that we should wait a week or two, perhaps get a second and perhaps a third opinion before resorting to such drastic measures. Olivia was out-voted by her mother and her doctor. She was also not a fan of being out-voted and  protested very loudly (VERY loudly) throughout the entire procedure.  She was mad at me for subjecting her to such torture that she didn't even have time to prepare for.  She would much rather have stewed and worried about it for a week or so and then had the chance to fight me tooth and nail over being dragged back into the doctor where she still would have screamed and hollered through the whole thing.  I just took all the fun out of it for her.

Anyhow, we now await the results of the biopsy. I'm pretty sure pediatric melanoma is exceedingly rare. Right?

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