Saturday, June 11, 2016


 We just got back from a tasty barbecue at the neighbors.  The wind and pouring rain quickly turned it into an indoor affair, but it was still a good time. This is the second Saturday in a row that we have been invited to a barbecue, and I feel strongly that this is a trend that needs to continue throughout the summer. I'm eyeing all my neighbors to see who I might be able to finagle into an invitation for next week. Actually, my neighbors have spoiled me pretty good lately, what with being hit by a truck and all.  They have brought me dinners and candy and flowers and nice notes- I should be inviting all of them to party in my back yard. But then I'd have to cook and clean and stuff. And I got hit by a truck, so I really should be taking it easy. Which is why SOMEBODY should invite me to a barbecue next Saturday!

I really have been trying to take it easy, per my doctor's instructions. And it sucks. The less I do, the more tired  I get.  Then I look around at everything I planned to do that has been put on hold and I get so frustrated, angry, depressed and overwhelmed.  All this angst for a little old pulled hamstring that will be all better in another week or two. 

Makes me think about my friends and neighbors though, who have had some of the big stuff happening in their lives. How derailed  must they be feeling? When you are facing a long term illness, or getting divorced, or your child dies, when suddenly your whole life is never going to look the same again, where do you even start? And how does anybody help you with that?

I just have no idea. 

Some days you just don't do anything.

Is 8:14 too early for bed?

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