Friday, May 6, 2016

Star Student

Today I bribed my boss with chocolate chip cookies in order to break away from work for a two hour lunch so that I could go to Olivia's school and be a part of her Star Student week.  On a Friday around your birthday, you get to make a poster with pictures of yourself, and stand up in front of the class and tell them all about you. Your mom comes in and tells some things about you that the class might not know, then everybody asks questions, and you pass out treats. The poster stays hanging up in the class room for the whole next week.

Since Olivia will be off track the week of her birthday, she got to take her turn today. She was very concerned about what, exactly, I would be telling about her.  And she was super nervous to stand up in front of the class and talk about herself. I can totally relate. When I was her age, my biggest fear was that I would be the spolight kid in Primary, and have to stand up in front of everyone while the Primary president talked about me. I even got my mom to talk to the president and tell her  to never spot light me because I would be mortified and die right down dead on the spot.

So I was very proud of Olivia when she stood up and told all about herself, and confidently answered the questions from her classmates:

"Why do you want to go Hawaii so bad?"
"Because I love the beach."

"If you had a younger sibling, what gender would you prefer?"
(it took me a minute to grasp what in the heck this kid was asking)
"A sister."

"What is your favorite food at your favorite restaurant?"
"Drumsticks at KFC"

"Do you like any sports?"

"What do you want to name your first baby?"
(wow. She has thought about this)

"Are you a Ute or a Cougar?
"Uh I''m an Aggie"


So then I told them all about how Olivia is the youngest in our family, and all the blessings and curses that go along with that, and how she has four names and what a great sculptor she is.

I think I did okay. She didn't seem too embarrassed. The night before, when she asked me what I was going to say, I told her that I was going to tell everyone how she was the most amazing, wonderful, awesome child ever to exist. She smiled a little, then said,"No Mom, you have to tell them something they don't already know."

I love that kid.

Olivia and Mrs. Lewis, matching shirts.

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