Wednesday, May 4, 2016

BUT, I Have a Clean Pantry

I couldn't sleep last night.

Woke up to a dead battery in my car.

Will's car was stuck in park.

Tried to jump start my car.

It didn't work because

The Google videos lied.

Cruz dropped out and now I'm pulling for Bernie.

Found a large animal jaw bone on my family room floor.


Spilled olive oil all over my kitchen floor.

The cat peed on the living room floor.

Got stuck in the slowest checkout line in the history of checkout lines.

Ran all over town looking for the secret ingredient to make bath bombs for teenagers.

Fought with Olivia about triangles. and cat euthanization.

She is for, I'm against.

Euthanization that is, not triangles.

Duncan worked on onions all day at the mill.

He hates working on onions.

Now he smells like onions.

I need a dishwasher.

I need a water heater.

I need an oven.

I need a new car.

I need

A day off.

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