Saturday, May 14, 2016

Holidays and Holy Days

A few days before Mother's Day, I received on my front porch a large package.
I hadn't ordered anything, wasn't expecting anything. Couldn't imagine what it might be. 
It was a gigantic box of PEEPS from Alisa and Erwann.
Now, if I could just stop eating them long enough to let them get stale.

 The night before Mother's Day, Mitch came and took me to Iceberg for a rocky road shake, We failed to obtain a picture, but that's okay. We had a great time, and I felt so lucky to have him to myself for an hour or so. I don't get enough time with that boy.

Then on Mother's Day morning, I was awakened by this crew, bearing blueberry scones, gifts, chocolates, cards and even a poem, written by the lovely and talented Audrey.

Audrey also spoke in church later that morning, which was a gift in itself, even though she outed me to everyone as a rebel.

Then we went to Grandma's for a dinner of KFC and pie. And Mother's Day portraits while we patiently waited to be served.

 This was the view from the kitchen table. Look at all those guys in there.

Me and my girl

Later on, Audrey and her brothers cooked a delicious late dinner of chicken alfredo. They colored the sauce lavender, which was a unique and slightly odd twist on Mother's Day dinner, but hey, I'll take it.

The morning after Mother's Day, we woke up to the sad news that our little friend Gideon had passed away.  He was diagnosed with leukemia six months ago.  Gideon is five.  His family are dear neighbor and friends. They are a beautiful family of five boys and one little girl. Gideon was their fifth child and youngest son. I have always thought they were the best kind of people, and the best parents, and with everything they have been through, now I know for sure that they are. We have taught their older sons in church in other years, and Gideon was in Dan's primary class this year.  When I first heard he had leukemia, my first thought was, "oh, thank heavens it's leukemia. They can cure leukemia. Kids don't die of leukemia anymore." I thought they would have a few rough years of chemo and then he would be fine.  I was so so wrong.  Gideon had a mutation that has never been seen before. He never even got to remission, in spite of some of the best medical care in the world, parents who fought hard for him to have every possible treatment, and the prayers and faith of hundreds of people.  I will be donating to in memory of Gideon, and if you read this, I hope you do too.

 We launched blue and white balloons after his funeral today.

One of my Mother's Day gifts was a lilac bush. We finally got around to planting it today after the funeral. I think this little bush will always remind me of Giddy.

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