Friday, May 27, 2016

No Joking

We were sitting at Will's seminary graduation(more on that later) and Olivia pointed at a scratch on my arm.

"How did you get that scratch on your arm?" she asked me, ever concerned for the well being of all around her.

"Oh, from a unicorn," I answered.

And then the proud mom moment begins.

Without missing a beat, she asks, " Oh, a black one?"

"No," I said. " A pink one with sparkles in the tail."

She nodded knowingly. "Oh, those are the worst."

My little girl is growing up.

Also, Duncan said something about Will that was so sweet. Will was downstairs practicing piano and Duncan and I were upstairs listening.

"Mom, do you know what I think Will is going to be when he grows up?" he asked.

"What?" says me.

" I think he could be an artist, or a composer, or even a genius," he said.

He loves his brother.

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