Tuesday, July 21, 2015

First Days, Birth Days and Wedding Days

First day of fifth grade was successful and Olivia already loves her teacher. If I can only remember to go to Back to School night tomorrow, all will be well. Oh, I forgot to take a picture of her too. I think a picture on the second day of school will be every bit as compelling. Somehow, having taken a picture of the last day of school just two short weeks ago makes it not that exciting to take another picture of the first day. She looks pretty much the same, only today was raining.

Speaking of rain, this is the second year in a row that it has rained on my birthday. Of all the nerve. For 47 years it never rains on July 20, and now there are two in row. Must be a sign of the times. I didn't mind it this year though. It made for a good excuse to stay in and be extremely lazy.  I also would like to take note of two new birthday traditions that I want to continue. This year, although it wasn't really planned, I wound up giving my mom a present. I bought her a little silver bird necklace a couple months back that I never gave her. Giving it to her today seemed perfect, and I think she deserves a present every year on my birthday. She is the one who did all the work after all. Secondly, we took flowers to my uncle Reed's grave. He was my birthday buddy and would/should be celebrating his 71st birthday today. The cemetery he is buried in is not far from my house, and it felt good to go visit him for a minute. We picked some zinnias for him too. I hope I remember to do that every year, at least as long as I live close to his cemetery.  He is still very missed.

The wedding. There is still a million things to do and see to for the wedding, which is now a mere 20 days away. I can finally see it all coming together though. We have plans in place for pretty much everything, now we need only to execute! execute! execute! Visitors will begin arriving on the third, and it's a steady influx of guests from then until the seventh. On the seventh, the festivities start with Alisa's shower that afternoon. August 8 is crazy full, with a basketball game in the morning, pedicures for the girls, a ton of wedding preparation to do, and hopefully some kind of rehearsal dinner thrown in at the last minute. Then the wedding day! Then the clean up day! After the 10th, most of the out of towners will be heading back home, or continuing their American vacations.  A few will be hanging out with us until about the 14th. The new Mrs. Hickel will fly out on the 15th and that will mark the official end of The Wedding Festivities. It is all going to fly by so fast. I hope I can remember to enjoy it.

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