Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Close and Yet So Far

Just twelve days now until the wedding and we are running on hyperactive hyper drive and astro turf around here, which is a galactic way of saying we are all just gonna fake it til we make it. We are all (meaning mostly me) just giddy and jumpy with nerves and excitement, and not really sure we can pull this off. The plan is to throw all my tricks into one bag, haul it up the mountain, duct tape and super glue the whole thing together and see what sticks. By the time this is all over,  I am going to be a fully qualified and experienced wedding planner, capable of opening my own business and making myself a fortune on hapless and less talented MOB's. Or, more likely, I will be certifiably nuts and sent away somewhere to weave baskets and talk about my feelings. Hey, we got a photographer and an official wedding officiant. No matter what else happens, at the end of the day they will at least be married and have some pictures to prove it. Everything else is just frosting.

I sit down to get some things organized, and then I remember something else I have to jump up and do right away before I forget. Then as soon as I get up, I immediately get distracted by something else I need to do. This goes on for a few rounds until I remember what it was I originally sat down to do, then I sit down and the whole thing starts all over again.  For example, on my to do list today was a few simple items: fertilize the flowers, cut the dead zinnias off, clean Duncan's and Olivia's' rooms, and wash sleeping bags. Oh, and make cupcakes if there was time. This is what I actually did: fertilize the flowers, water the grass, did the regular laundry, made the kids clean the blinds, looked at the sleeping bags which are laying on the family room floor, went to Hobby Lobby, texted a million people about random things, mailed a forgotten wedding invitation, paid bills, went to Walmart, made chalk paint and painted a bathroom cabinet, painted the patio chairs with left over paint, made some bracelets, ordered a clip for my dress, tried on my dress and stewed about how to fix it, cleaned Duncan's room, went to Swig, paid bills, thought a lot about potato salad, made yet another list of things I need to borrow, took Duncan to apply for a job, yammered on to Kathy for a while, did a word search with Olivia, thought about things like wedding music and who should push the play button on the Ipod and now I am up too late watching Star Wars with the kids. And every time I went in and out the door today, I looked at the zinnias and thought about cutting them.

And as if planning and executing a wedding are not enough, we had to go to Logan on Saturday to give an eviction notice to our renters. That was a new adventure. I think it went well, considering our lack of experience in being threatening landlords. We have an agreement with them to pay up by the end of the month, so we shall sit back and see what happens there. And while I am on the subject of Logan, that place is getting ruined! All of these quiet little roads are turning into four lane highways. Houses have been torn down to build fancy new apartments. Worst of all,  Romney Stadium is now Maverick Stadium. USU has sold their birthright for a mess of hot dogs.  I fear our little neighborhood up there is not long for this world. I wish I could see what it will look like in ten years. It might help me to know whether to sell or hold on for a while.

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