Friday, June 26, 2015

Two Weeks in June in 17 Pictures

Reality check time: Six months from today is Christmas Day, which makes me really appreciate the 98 degree temperatures, the long summer nights, and the flowers we are currently surrounded by. We do love our summers around here.  Four months from today is the half marathon I signed up to run. I don't know WHAT I was thinking. It makes my knees hurt just to think about it. Yet, I continue to soldier on. Five miles down, my first six mile run coming up on Saturday. And finally, 45 days from today is the wedding. THE WEDDING. So much to do. So much to think about. So much to spend.

Still, all we really have is today, and that is where we are, enjoying the last days of June.  It was an eventful month for us.

Audrey passed her written test, and now officially has her learners permit.

Olivia and I spent some quality time sitting under the trees and sucking down snow cones.

We had Father's Day, and the kids made breakfast for their dad.

Audrey drove us safely home from church one Sunday

We had Boston Cream Pie for breakfast when we ran out of cereal.

Olivia performed in her fourth grade program. That's her, somewhere in the middle of that picture.

Shes' the one in the sunglasses.:)

See that green thing that looks like it has a face, just above the Olympic rings? That is Olivia's prop. Those are her arms holding it up.

And here is the county float she made all by herself. San Pete county, thank you very much.

The three fourth grade amigos, who suddenly look like fifth graders- Sophie Ella Olivia

And finally, Olivia, thrilled to be taking yet another picture with her county float.

We also spent two perfect Tuesdays, swimming at Aunt Carole's, and two lovely Sunday's barbecuing with my Mom and Dad,  Will has survived his first solo drive to Logan. The tomatoes are planted, the zinnias are blooming, the sunflowers are a foot tall.  A very good start to summer.

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