Friday, June 5, 2015

Off and Running

A two hour breakfast with a friend.

Just enough housework to not feel like a bum.

Kids pulled weeds and cleaned rooms.

Planted flowers.

Swimming and snowcones with Liv and friends.

Audrey' last day of junior high.


Late dinner on the patio at In-n-Out.

Three mile run in the dark with the dog.

I don't know if we have ever had such a perfect start to summer.

I have spent nearly every school morning of the past two years shuffling these three goofballs to junior high. Some days I was counting the days until it ended. Some days I resented all the driving. Most days, I was happy to have the time with them to laugh and hear all about Honors English, weird dreams, school lunch, and who the best and worst teachers were.

We went to a screening of this movie last night.  Go see it, ASAP. Just get your tickets for opening day right now. You do not want to miss this one. 

And when in Centerville, you stop at In-n-Out for dinner. It is a Metcalf clan requirement. We ate outside until the mosquitoes drove us back in. There was a cute little mouse on the patio too, who was happy to share our crumbs. I'm not so sure how I feel about a mouse living in the bushes of In-n-Out. But better out than in I suppose.

After we took our selfie, I set the phone down on the table and there was this silly view of the under side of the umbrella and Olivia's head. Her hair is still wet from swimming earlier.

It should be a pretty low key summer around here, what with the wedding and all. So our Summer Bucket List 2015 is pretty simple-
-try every flavor of snow cone at the The Little Blue Shack
-hike Timpanogos- the cave trail, not the mountain
-go see Shrek the Musical in Cottonwood Heights
-swim a lot

Oh, and plan a wedding/barbeque for 100+ people and host/ entertain 20 visiting French people for the weekend.  Yeah, we got this.

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