Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ides of March

Egads, the wedding is five months from yesterday. I'm pretty sure I am supposed to be doing something about that. I just wish I knew what. Anyway, wedding plans have been put on hold for a bit, while we pay for a new water heater in Logan, pay our taxes that we didn't know we were going to owe, pay the tax guy that told us we owed taxes,  pay for Dan's new car, pay for Dan's old car, pay for Dan's dad's car, which Dan wrecked, pay for registering my car, and pay for car insurance for pretty much the whole world. Do you need car insurance?  We should have quite the group rate going on by now. Call me. I'll sign  you up. And did I mention I hate cars?

Audrey got a job at Lagoon for the summer. She has a yellow shirt and is going to be working in games. I may be spending my summer on I-15, She is also going to try out for the summer play in Syracuse. She has signed up for classes at Clearfield High next year, and is taking honors everything. Will is taking honors and AP everything, and yoga. He will need that yoga I bet. Will and Olivia started piano lessons too. Now if only we had a piano.

Mitch and his girlfriend are in California, visiting Alisa and Erwann. Alisa's friend Margaret is also visiting, along with two of Erwann's French friends. Did I mention Alisa and Erwann live in a one bedroom apartment? With two cats? I just keep repeating over and over and over to myself, itsnotmyproblemitsnotmyproblemitsnotmyproblem.

 Piper is insanely jealous of the cats because they get to eat soft food out of a can. The smell of that stuff is more tempting than her little doggie nose can stand. So now, while we are eating dinner, she sits under the table and barks and whines at any cat that gets close.  Like she is telling them," Look felines, they volutarily give you wet smelly food.  I have to beg for mine. So back off of my territory!" Of course, the only cat that begs at the table for our food is Buck. So Buck gets the brunt of the barking, snapping and in-your-face tail wagging. Still, it doesn't make for a peaceful mealtime. We used to give Piper a taste of the cat food. Then she barfed it up in our bed and that was the end of that. Anyway, she's too fat.Ides

Needless to say with all of the above going on, my paleo diet plans flew out the window about a week ago.  I have fallen hard off the wagon, and am now in the midst of a sugar bender. Which makes me so angry, because I lost six pounds and was feeling great. Sometimes though, you can choose health or you can choose chocolate. It's just that simple.

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