Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Red Letter, Smiley Face, Star on the Forehead Kind of Day

For  a Saturday, this day almost could not have been better.  I mean, we could have won the lottery and that might have been an improvement, but barring any miracles, this day was pretty darn good.

We got up at the crack of dawn, which ordinarily, would not be the best start to a Saturday, but the weather was beautiful, which always makes everything better.  We were off  to go pick up our Bountiful Basket, and there was endive in it.  Never tried endive, and I'm kind of excited about it.  Then, since we were up so early, we hit Great Harvest for breakfast, and got a ton of yummy stuff from the day old rack, as well as our free slice of bread.  On the way home, our neighbors were having a garage sale, and they were selling  a mattress and box springs.  They made us a great deal on it, and since our poor girl has been sleeping on a mattress that is 20+ years old, I was pretty stoked to find this one for her.  Normally, used mattress would kind of gross me out, but since we know where it came from, I feel much better about it. We were back home by about 7:30,  and I did one of my favorite things ever, that I have only ever done about two other times in my life, and that is to go back to bed after breakfast. Something about getting back to into bed while it is still morning and with a full stomach is really wonderful.  I slept for two more hours, and when I got up, Dan had cleaned off our patio chairs, and was organizing the kids for a project, which turned out to be......


It looks fantastic, and we got rid of so much old crap.  But the best part is not what we got rid of but what we found.   My missing pictures!!  A box of baby pictures of all my kids has been missing since our Great Flood of '10, and after searching every possible place I could think of,  I had lost hope of ever finding them.  I had come to believe that they had somehow gotten thrown out with all the things that were ruined in the flood.   But no, they had gotten stuffed down inside a box with the CDs that have all our other pictures on them, and put inside an old computer hutch.  I still can't believe they finally turned up.  They are now stuffed safely away in the jumbly box under my bed with all the other unorganized pictures, but at least now I know where they are. This find alone would have been enough to make my day.

Then we hauled a load from the basement off to DI and on the way  home stopped at the neighbor's house to haul home the mattress, and wouldn't you know it, there was a girl's bike there that hadn't sold that was the perfect size for Olivia, so that came home with us too.  She is pretty hesitant about the whole bike experience.  She is nearly nine, and has not mastered the balance thing at all.  Hopefully, this will be the summer that she takes off.

And THEN, Dan had to go  work a soccer game, and I headed out to clean my flower beds. May not sound too exciting, but it is something that my schedule and the weather have not been cooperative on.  Today,  a slice of time and a nice day both opened wide up.  I was working right outside Olivia's open bedroom window, where she was in her room with her friends. I could hear them playing and laughing.   Then I heard her trying to explain to Lili what a coincidence was.  " It's like when someone says it's going to start raining, and then all of sudden it starts. to rain.  That's a coincidence."  "Ohhhh", says Lili, as if the understanding of the universe has been imparted to her.   I love those kids.

After the weeding, I connived  and cajoled Will and Duncan to set up the trampoline for the girls. They were none too happy about this, and worked pretty hard to convince me that they were not capable of doing this, but, with a little encouragement and assistance from moi, lo and behold the trampoline got assembled, and kids were happily jumping away.

Now, I am contemplating  endive and feeling smug about everything we did today. Olivia is off down the street playing. The boys are exhausted from their 30 minutes of intensive labor. The dog is exhausted from running around the yard with us all afternoon. Audrey is spending the weekend in Duchesne.  There are still sheets to wash for the new bed, and the kitchen is a mess, and I don't think the endive will cut it for dinner. But life is good tonight.

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