Wednesday, May 14, 2014

If It Ain't One Thing

Irony: Paying nearly $500.00 on Tuesday to get your car fixed, only to have your garage door break on Wednesday, with the car trapped inside. Dan and some neighbors are out there right now trying to get the door up so  he can get his car out.  Ain't life grand?  And it doesn't look good.  We may be in for some serious $$$.

More Irony: Taking Audrey to the doctor on Monday with a whole list of mysterious symptoms that didn't pin down any kind of diagnosis, then having her tonsils turn into golf balls on Tuesday afternoon.  And yet more irony: the doctor was more worried about the symptom we kind of threw in at the last minute as an afterthought than all the symptoms that have been plaguing her for a few months now.   Bottom line is, Audrey has a toe that won't bend.  It's been like that for a while, and we aren't really sure if it was always that way, or if something happened to it.  The doctor took an x-ray, and said her toe joint looked like it had been destroyed.  She wants to do more blood tests to rule out all kinds of horrible diseases.  We weren't even worried about the toe. We have been more worried about the aches and pains everywhere else,  the head pressure, the dizziness, ringing ears and weird vision. Oh, and now, thanks to the tonsils, we get to go back for a strep test too.  Can't wait to see what results we get back.

Piper is settling in nicely. Her personality is blooming, as is her bark.  She has transformed from this sad, quiet, skinny, scared little dog who literally ran from her own shadow into this perky, peppy, playful, barky little puppy.  She is better entertainment than Netflix.  Audrey is teaching her all kinds of tricks.  She knows sit, sit up, lay, play dead, and leap- through a hula hoop.  Now if we could just get her to stay put and shut up.  I think she know that she  has all of us wrapped around her little paw.  Well, all of us except the cats. The cats are still so insulted that we had the nerve to bring home another dog.  When she was afraid of them, it wasn't so bad for them,  but now she is starting to believe that she should be ahead of the cats in the pack pecking order, and they are having none of that.  Only she has about forty times more energy than all three of them put together ever thought of having, and so whatever the contest,  Piper usually wins out of sheer stick-to-itiveness.

Oh, and somebody has a birthday coming up on Saturday!  More about THAT coming soon!

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