Friday, April 25, 2014

Gone to the Dog

So the damn dog crapped in our car last night. And then, not an hour later, she peed on my bed, only minutes after having  respectfully performed her doggie duty outside.  And she had been doing SO GOOD in the potty training department. Just when she has us fooled into thinking we have turned the corner, she hauls off and drops a load in the most obnoxious place.

It's a good thing that when she is not making a mess in my bed,  she is very cute.  And of cours, other than potty issues, she is the smartest dog on the planet.   Our nights now consist of sitting around watching her, to see what amazing and charming thing she is going to do next.  And she has us all at her beck and call.  We are pure putty in her paws.  Does she want a treat?  She sits up and begs until we give her one.  Does she want us to pet her?  She scratches and gnaws at our hands until we oblige.  Does she want to sleep in our beds? She just uses her nose to burrow her way under the covers, then peeks out at us with those big brown eyes.  Next week, she'll know our credit card number and will be ordering up doggie treats on Amazon.

At least the cats have not yet fallen victim to her wiles.

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