Monday, February 10, 2014

Marvelous Monday

Ah Monday, how I love thee.

Monday is maligned by most, but these days, I wish every day was Monday.

Monday is the day I get to see Will and Audrey off to school from the comfort of my pajamas.

 Monday is the day I get to drive Olivia to school, generally also in the comfort of my pajamas, park at the curb and watch as she and her friends climb out of the car and make a dash for the playground.  Dan calls me a helicopter parent for sitting there and watching her until she disappears into the throng of kids, coats and backpacks, but he is wrong.  I'm not watching her because I'm worried about her.  I'm just watching her because I can.  And because before too long, she won't be in third grade anymore.

Monday is planning day.  Meals, bills, budgets, appointments.

Monday is the day Duncan and I go to Sam's for lunch before we do the grocery shopping.  He loads the heavy stuff into the cart, and then into the car for me.

Monday is the day Alisa will call, and I have time to talk to her. 

On Monday I get to be home when everybody comes home from school.  We cook dinner, do homework, finish up laundry, run errands, go to the library, the doctor,  and all those other things that there is never time for during the other four week days.

And then, the next day, when I start my work week, it's already Tuesday, which is late start day for Will, which means an extra half hour of sleep, and really, by the time you get to Tuesday, you can almost say it's the weekend again!

Except for tomorrow, when Will is going to a Morningside ( yes, morningside. like fireside, only in the morning, duh.) at seven in the A.M. and needs a ride from me. No late start for this Tuesday.  I better go to bed!

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