Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome to This Year

So far, 2014 is shaping up great!! We had a quiet little New Years  Eve last night at Home with Em and Norrie.  Then we slept all morning and laid around watching Netflix until we suddenly remembered we had to pick up Audrey in Heber.  So we  grabbed some lunch at In-n-Out, and headed up over the summit.  Came back with our girl in tow, got ALL of Christmas packed away, and had pizza for dinner (thanks again Em).

And now, the holidays are really over.  All of the people who don't live here have gone home and all of the people who do live here are back home.   It is off to school and work tomorrow for all of us.  We even got the outside Christmas lights down.

Some people say they wish it could be Christmas every day.  I wish it could be New Year's Day every day.  Christmas is still fresh in your brain. Your Christmas toys are still new. Life feels slow and relaxed after the mad dash to Christmas.  You have a whole fresh year ahead of you that you haven't messed up yet.  And on New Years, nobody expects you to do much of anything.  No dinners to cook, no decorating, no presents.  I think New Years is my new favorite holiday.

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