Thursday, January 16, 2014

Please, Only One Crisis at a Time

Poor Will was sick on his sixteenth birthday,  AND he had to go to school.  We went to Chick-Fil-A for dinner that night, and he got pecan pie and Boston Cream pie, but he didn't feel up to much celebrating.   I took some pictures, I'll have to dig them up later.  And the worst part is,  he has been sick ever since.

So sick that he finally got me out of work early today.  He went to school today-it's end of the term, and he felt like he couldn't miss any  more days- and just got sicker and sicker as the day went on.  He spent the last half of the day in the sick room.  I wish he would have called me earlier.  I had no idea he was so bad off.  Mom guilt-ouch-, but as soon as I got the word,  I headed out of work and got him to the instacare.  Diagnosis:FLU.  One of the two kids in our family to get a flu shot, and he STILL gets the flu. What's up with that?

Any how,  we got back from the doctor about 6:30.  I was getting potentially life-changing text messages coming in.  The kitchen smelled like a campfire, which I found out later was from Duncan using the microwave as a timer, only on cook instead of time. Will felt awful and only wanted to go to bed, but he was worried about all the school  assignments he was now not going to be able to make up tomorrow, and how bad his grades were.  Dinner was nowhere in sight. So I simultaneously hopped on line to look at his grades and email his teachers to beg for mercy while starting some grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner.    Just then, Olivia appeared in the kitchen to tell me the toilet was clogged. The sandwiches were burning,  there  was a ton of laundry calling my name, Olivia needed help with her homework, AND she still had reading to do, and I had to make a run to the store for some things for Will.  Duncan has been playing non-stop video games nearly all day every day because there is no one around to tell him to stop.  Audrey just kind of cheerfully goes about doing her thing, being a goofball, and helping out where she can, but I think she is getting ignored too.  I left a pile of things at work that I will have to find time to do tomorrow,  and the house is sinking under the lack of attention we pay to it these days.

Am I sinking or swimming here?  Most days, it's hard to tell.

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